Welcoming New Members to ‘The Nation’.

Welcoming New Members to ‘The Nation’.


The reason why mainstream business networking groups fail, is because some were started by people who did it as a reaction to something. They thought they can do it. They did it part-time while growing their other businesses or working a job. They came to realization that it requires time and effort to build relationships which will lead to business referral. They realized that it is so time consuming and thankless. One day they woke up and quit.

Some do not even have an office so you don’t know where to find the person who quits. Everyone else who had followed them without a strong WHY, finds themselves at a loss and not sure what to do next, they also quit.

On the contrary, The Entrepreneur Nation (T.E.N) is not a networking group, but offers networking opportunities as part of the services offered to the members and clients. It is a Legally Incorporated business whose Founder and CEO is an accomplished entrepreneur who does this as a full time business, a former senior banking manager, a former high school teacher and a passionate social media expert💪. A resilient single Mom and Immigrant who will never give up easily because she has faced tougher times than many🔥.

T.E.N is a Global Business but headquartered in London ON Canada. T.E.N has a fully equipped head office location and currently in the process of opening office locations in other key Cities.

Let me make it very clear, The Entrepreneur Nation will never quit on our members and our vision is stronger while our mission is more sharp than ever before. That said, T.E.N is announcing that we have the following vacant seats in our Chapters that need to be filled by serious entrepreneurs only who have the time to go to a Chapter meeting once a month and After 5 Business Mingle once a month. Your time commitment is 2 times a month.

1. Insurance Brokers / Agents
2. Renovations Contractors
3. Moving Companies
5. Cleaning Companies
6. Real Estate Representative / Broker

Each member of T.E.N is assigned a Chapter on exclusive basis. You’re exclusive in the category of business you do within your Chapter only not the entire Nation😉.

Apply by sending the Founder and CEO a message right here or by email lucy@tenation.co

Wait a minute, before you apply make sure to read our publicly published policies on our 35 page website. Go to the footer menu and click on policies page. If you click on any membership level, it will reveal the policies. Don’t say you didn’t know because ignorance is not an acceptable defense especially when you have clicked the button to say you have accepted the terms and conditions.

See you in the Nation

By Lucy Jeffrey

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