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We are hosting a 9 hole business tournament on Thursday September 29, 2022, from 2pm tee off time.

We are grateful that the GM at the Sunningdale Golf Club has approved for us to play at this exclusive Golf Club.  The cost per person is: 

  • Greens fee for 9 holes is $70.
  •  A cart per person is $23.
  • Evening social $20 ( drinks not included) There will be a cash bar on site. 


Members will be allowed to invite their clients, but we need all confirmations by the first week of September. 

Members who don’t play golf are invited but must pay $20 for the social evening.

Please note that there will be no refund for no show or cancellations

The price for membership is $20.00 now and then $22.60 per Year for 2 more Years. Customers in Outside US will be charged 13% tax.

Membership expires after 12 Months.

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Legal Terms and Conditions

LEGAL CONTRACT FOR T.E.N. CO., INC. (Operating as The Entrepreneur Nation)


Contract Duration

  • This is an annual payment contract but paid in monthly Installments
  • You can opt for annual full payment at 10% discount. Please call 1.833.601.8836.
  • All the services offered to you within the membership are complimentary and on the understanding that we will be paid through the year.
  • Your contract will be renewed automatically after 12 months expiry
  • If you wish to terminate your contract after 12 months, please give us one month notice by the 11th month.
  • Although the exiting member is exclusive in the chapter, there is an overlap for the exiting member and the incoming member during the notice period month because we have to invite an incoming member to check out the chapter on the 12th month.
  • The monthly membership fees will remain the same for a 12 month period. It will remain the same if you are continuing with your membership. However if you leave after 12 months, we can not guarantee that when you come back the rate will be the same.

Refund Policy

  • No refund policy

Payment Processing

  • We have partnered with PayPal to process the credit card payments
  • To give you peace of mind, your credit card is stored in the secure Paypal system, not on our Website.
  • All receipts are sent out to our members monthly by Paypal
  • You can use your receipts for tax purposes because your membership payment is considered a marketing and training payment. However please, consult your Accountant.
  • If you need a tax receipt at the end of the year, we can provide. Please call 1.833.601.8836

Government Tax

All our membership plans currently include HST.

Debt Collection

  • Termination of the contract or your method of payment will not release you from your monthly payment obligation. T.E.N. CO., INC. has a right to follow legally acceptable debt collection procedure including reporting to credit bureau in the event that membership payment is delayed for more than 2 months. We also have a right to follow up the payment through the small claims court. 
  • Should you terminate your membership, a final bill we will be sent to you covering remaining installments for the entire year plus the cost of collecting the debt including legal fees incurred by us etc. If we have to bill for our time because you have failed to honour the one year contract, we will bill at our full rate. Our rate is currently at $100 an hour.
  • However, we are entrepreneurs like you, we are always willing to work options with our members facing genuine financial difficulties, if they are willing to cooperate with us.



Social Media

  • Our marketing and advertising platform is heavily social media based. We may mention you on social media posts, flyers and photos while promoting either your business or T.E.N. CO., INC. events.
  • We may post paid ads on different social media platform to advertise your business. If we do so, your information will be seen on different search Engines 
  • For licensed professionals, we will not mention the company you work for or the specific services you offer. We understand licencing requirements perfectly well. We will promote you, not your company because we do not have contractual arrangement with the company you work for. Our founder worked in the banking sector for 16 years and in the Legal Industry for 2 years. You are in safe hands.


  • We may include your photos and contact information in the T.E.N. CO., INC. Magazines as a way to promote your business or our events.
  • Photos may be used in our Magazines and Websites even after you have left T.E.N. CO., INC. , if those photos were taken during events and in groups with our other members.
  • Magazines already printed must be circulated even after you have left T.E.N. CO., INC..

Entrepreneur TV / Podcast

We continue to feature our Members on T.E.N. CO., INC. TV in collaboration with several mainstream TV Stations. Rules for TV are the same as for the Magazines above.

How we assign chapters

  • You are exclusive in the chapter you are assigned for the type of business you do unless you agree to share with someone else who does what you do.
  • We assign you the chapter that is close to where you live, work or that is at close proximity to your clients
  • Determination of chapter allocation is determined exclusively by T.E.N. CO., INC. head office or by franchise partners but in consultation with head office. 

Members Perks Program

  • Our Members have discounts in many places, visit our member perks page on this website regularly to see updated discounts.
  • Our Members can use our office for a few hours in a month depending on your membership level and the type of service you plan to use it for.
  • Any activity carried out in our office must be business related and business professional. Inquire by calling 1.833.601.8836

Featured Member

  • If you qualify for the featured member spot, we may publish your phone number and website so potential clients can reach you.
  • We may publish your business information in the online and print member directory without seeking any permission.
  • We celebrate our members on social media each day. However please note, as our membership base continues to grow, we are only able to give shout outs to those who provide us with content or updates of what is happening in their businesses. Without content, we have nothing to post for you on social media.

    Referral Program

  • We work hard for our members but we do not guarantee client referral. We will bring you prospects through our events but it’s up to you to convert them into clients.
  • We play the role of lead generation and marketing agency through our events and social media.
  • Our key responsibility is to connect you with potential clients through our events.
  • Your responsibility is to convert them into clients.
  • It is therefore your responsibility to attend all our events to meet potential clients.
  • We are only connecting our members with the resources. It is the responsibility of the each member to ensure that they verify details and interview the service provider to make sure they are satisfied.
  • T.E.N does not accept any responsibility or reliability where 2 members have mutually agreed to refer business to each other.

Attendance Policy 

  • Chapters are assigned to each member on an exclusive basis. Meaning, no one else doing what you're doing can be assigned to your chapter unless you agree to share. It is therefore imperative to attend chapter meetings to ensure that your type of business is represented. You have a responsibility to the other chapter members to be there. The understanding is networking can not be effective if chapter members were not present.
  • If a member can not attend the Chapter meetings they are assigned to, they should invite someone else to step in for them.
  • If a member misses the Chapter meeting 2 times within their contract period, T.E.N. CO., INC. is free to replace that member at the chapter level.
  • The member will however be allowed to continue being part of T.E.N. CO., INC. and to attend the After 5 Business Mingle , Women's Club and Social Club which are not exclusive.
  • The member is free to accept or decline option # 4 above but that does not stop the payment contract obligation stated elsewhere on this contract.

Photos and Videos

  • The events will be photographed and video taken including Live video. The photos and video will be posted on social media and on our websites to promote the event. If you do not wish to have your photos taken please inform the event host in writing before attending via private a message on the event page or by email.
  • Better still, avoid the cameras.
  • As stated elsewhere on this contract, the photos and videos taken at our events are the property of The Entrepreneur Nation. The Entrepreneur Nation is entitled to those photos and free to use them even after you are no longer a member. 

Meeting format

  • Our meeting format and duration including speaking time are a tested and proven business model.
  • Members will be briefed at chapter level on our format.
  • Training on successful elevator speech is offered to our members to ensure that they craft world class introduction that appeals to the audience, raise interests in the products and services offered and potentially lead to appointment booking.

Member Communication

  • We record some of our communication with our members for training and coaching purposes.

Our Proven Business Model

  • Our membership plan is a proven business plan for our members. It works if you work it. If you go to all the events and follow the system set by T.E.N, you can not fail to reap the benefits. This is the cheapest marketing method you will ever use to grow your business. We will continue to emphasize that both the chapter meetings and After 5 Business Mingle events are very crucial to your success within T.E.N. If you attend one and not the other, chances are that you will struggle to achieve growth that the others are achieving within T.E.N.
  • The Women's Club and the Social Club are optional events that you can attend to meet more members.
  • If you fail to attend events and fail to follow our proven system, we are not responsible for your failure to achieve the success you deserve through our platform.

Dress Code

Our meetings are business professional. The dress code is business professional.

Child Minding Services (London)

  • We are working with key service providers to make these services available for parents who need child minding at the After 5 Business Mingle and Women's Club events. We will use the kids party room at one of the locations where we host our events for our entrepreneur kids. If you need child minding services, you will be expected to pre-register your kids in advance. Please call our office for details 1.833.601.8836.
  • T.E.N does not accept liability whatsoever for child minding. We are only connecting parents with the resources. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they verify details and interview the care provider to make sure they are satisfied.
  • Parents must also check the party room to make sure the child proofing is as per expectation to suit their kids specific requirement.
  • Parents will inform the care giver if the child has allergies or specific requirements one week prior to the date when care is required.
  • Parents are also expected to check on the kids at intervals during the meeting.
  • Maximum time that the kids room will be open is 2 hours (5.30pm - 7.30pm).

Announcement about similar arrangements in other Cities will be made as and when we make those arrangements

Privacy Policy

  • Your business related information will never be shared with anyone unless for the purpose of promoting your business or referral. eg we might provide your phone or email to a potential client.
  • T.E.N. CO., INC. franchise partners will have access to your information if you are part of the chapters/ territories which they own. This includes name, phone, email, address and membership level but not credit card or banking formation.
  • Franchise partners have all signed confidentiality agreement with T.E.N. CO., INC. to protect our members information.


Membership policies can change without notice but the payment terms and fees will remain the same through your annual contract period.

While some of these examples are specific to Canada, USA and UK, T.E.N. CO., INC. policy is a global policy. Since laws vary by region, be sure to comply with our policy and relevant laws in your location and the location you're targeting.
By clicking 'I agree' and proceeding to PayPal check out, you certify and agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions.
Have reviewed and will abide by:
  • Our Annual Contract
  • Member policies
  • Advertising policies
  • All applicable laws