How collaboration instead of competition works to transform businesses!

How collaboration instead of competition works to transform businesses!


Lisa Friesen is a very wonderful member of The Entrepreneur Nation. Lisa is an author, she has written a book. I asked Lisa to join me in Toronto because I wanted to introduce her to Publisher Raymond Harlall. I believed Lisa working with Raymond would contribute to her success even more.

I introduced Lisa and Raymond to Rizwan Rashid the Host of Entrepreneur TV. Riz was also willing to join us in Toronto. I believed that Lisa and Raymond will have their profile enhanced even higher if they are featured on the Entrepreneur TV.

Raymond launched an entrepreneur book in Toronto, and I drove all the way to attend the launch.

As I was driving with Lisa on the highway, she shared with me how she wants to launch a Magazine targeting the beauty industry. We discussed the details. I invited her to my office and taught her how to design her own Magazine. Long story short, Lisa’s Magazine will be launched in a week’s time.

Raymond will be interviewed on TENTV this coming Saturday. He is driving from Toronto to London for this interview.

Rizwan Rashid has started a training course for Entrepreneurs to teach you how to grow your business. I did not feel like he was competing with my training courses. I will in fact promote his course.

The moral of this story is, let’s all learn to collaborate than to compete. Always remember that Lucy is a teacher by profession and that she is here to help you achieve your dreams. Don’t say, I can’t do that because Lucy is doing it (those kinds of talks are called self-limiting beliefs). Say let me go to Lucy to learn how she has done it. Lucy is always willing to teach people to know what she knows.

In fact, I have even offered to share the T.E.N enterprise with those who want to become franchise owners (

My advice, do not go to reinvent the wheel, it is already invented for you. Jump in and enjoy the journey. We are ready to share our knowledge, expertise and the enterprise with anyone who reaches out. Here is Lisa’s testimonial.


Lucy thank you for your course on social media today, it was very helpful and will definitely help me grow my entrepreneurial business and has given me new direction!

I have met great people through T.E.N the Entrepreneur Nation! Thank you again for taking me to Toronto for such an awesome event and meeting more entrepreneurs!

Author: Lucy Jeffrey

Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer

The Entrepreneur Nation


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